Along the way, we like invite our audiences to give us their feedback after the show…

Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, Trafford. October 22nd 2017

I loved twirling about!
Thea (4)

I loved running around and around and around…
Sam (4)

…brilliant fun (I loved playing in the lights as much as my four year old!)

Thank you, fantastic show and amazing dancing!

Sick. Unique. Love it!
(David 12)

Great show! Amazing use of dance, light and sound! Kids loved it too!

Fantastic, fascinating, engaging and entertaining. Loved it.

Thanks for a fantastic show! Our young reviewers LOVED IT!

Great show for children and adults. So original and engaging. Wonderful that the dancer is a man, as so many boys shun dance. Playtime at the end is an inspiration.
Susan Sollazzi
Just how arts should be; mix of tradition and technology. Great show, please give us some more.

Thought provoking and atmospheric. We really enjoyed it. Would be good to have the chairs in a semi-circle so everyone can see the dancer when moving on the floor. We will come again.

Enjoyed it! Very interesting and beautiful. Nishad (3)

Great to be able to explore the technology at the end and discover how it works - nice that this was free and not structured although could be interesting to have the dancer engage with the children in this. For the performance element it was difficult to see the floor work (which there was a lot of) as we were in the third row back (even with a slightly raised seat) - could a semi circle work? Our little ones (2 year olds) wanted to join in right away!

Leeds Light Night. October 6th 2017

It was amazing!

The multicoloured avatars was lovely but the star dance was the most magical part.

It was an amazing performance, also maybe please add some more dancers next time thanks

May (11)
Thought it was really lovely, particularly enjoyed having a go at the end :)


A beautifully conceived performance. Bodies turned to starlight…

Probably the best light show I’ve seen since the azure lights!

Leeds Light Night. October 5th 2017

Loved the show.  Would have liked to have seen it in a bigger room — potential for a bigger audience.

Fantastic dancing, light, music and choreography.  Loved every second of it.  Thank you for explaining the process too as that made it even more interesting.  BRAVO!!!!!!

Brilliant show.  I didn’t understand in the very beginning, but I got more into it as it progressed.

Amazing!  Love the combination of dance and tech and the connection between them.

Fantastic.  Amazing.  Brilliant.  And its free, what else can a girl want?

Loved the dance/tech combo.  Lyrical, moving, funny and inspiring.  Loved the talk after and the potential to surprise and help people through their senses is a bonus.  Love it!

Fascinating process.  I was wondering throughout what was occurring with light and whether dancer was moving to a pre-recorded piece as the delays foxed perception that it was purely happening live.  Great!!
Rebecca (44)

Very interesting.  Thank you.
Johanne (32)

Loving the use of different media forms, very clever and entertaining.
Ashleigh (22)

Awesome!  Amazing dancing and lovely, fluid use of light.

Hypnotic, very relaxing, intriging and great dancing.  It’s all about the performance by Adam.  Tron Legacy meets Daft Punk!

Absolutely incredible!  What a beautiful performance.  Adam is such a wonderful performer and the technology is so amazing!
Anon (23)

Adam was absolutely phenomenal!

I loved it!  It was amazing!

It was wonderful!  Very entertaining!  Would LOVE to see more!

That was just amazing and wonderful, thank you.

Incredible.  Thank you.  xx

Grantham, Lincolnshire, September 25th 2016

Beautiful and fun.

That was super, thank you very much!
Matthew, 35

Too short
Lucia, 6


Great captivating show!
Inga, 36

Lovely show.  Approachable for kids and adults.  Great to engage children to play as well.  Please come next year!

Very enjoyable, and interesting. Quite moving in parts. Particularly liked the opening part. Great for kids and adults alike.  Thank you.
Jon (Grantham)

Really beautiful show and it was great fun for my little girl to have a go afterwards.  Thank you.
Ruth (Grantham)
Thanks a lot for a great performance. Thanks from the Netherlands.

Thank you fantastic especially therapeutic for young ill children.  Thanks for letting me perform.

Thank you for sharing with us. Ironic that my daughter came onto the floor when you started to talk about Alder Hey Hospital and she had a 3 week stay in hospital there 3 weeks before you did your session with them!  She would have loved this as part of her therapy.  Great that you are using this technology for therapeutic benefits for children,  I hope the investment is found to continue this kind of work as it is amazing for the children!  Thank you.
Louise & Kathryn Gray

Thanks a lot for a great performance.

Grantham, Lincolnshire, September 24th 2016

Thank you.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.
School teacher

It was amazing!!!!!!
Amelie, 9

It was great!  I loved the dancing
Maia, 8
So good, I fell over!
Finley, 3

Perfect for Gravity Fields - amazingly creative use of new technology - Newton would have approved!
Darren, 43

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, September 5th 2016

I could watch this for ever.  Marcel the comedian and Adam the dancer.   Loved it, do it next year.

It was great, great for the 3 year old especially. :) - Mesmerising
Dillons 5/9/16

We loved the show. Very good. Sorry we had to dash out of your show to get our ready. We went from the sublime to the ridiculous.
The Vegetable Nannies


Very entertaining. Kids loved

The best thing [is] that YOU CAN TRY IT. PLAY [is] FANTASTIC FOR KIDS.


Really entertaining

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, September 4th 2016

I almost fainted. It was brilliant.
Alfonso, 7

I was not expecting such an amazing performance.
Eva, 10

I think it was amazing!
Alexander, 8

Incredible, very innovative and a great show.

Unbelievable, very lucky to have seen it.  Thank you very much for a fantastic show.

Our two year old loved it. Great stuff.
John (and Eliza)

I was very touched by the entire experience.  It was mesmerising, full of life and beauty!  Words can’t describe it, but when the words end the beauty of dance and music become present.  Thank you.

Really cool light show, the children were mesmerised! Fantastic show, really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Lisa, Lisa, Teresa and Maisy
I loved the show thanks to tech. Adam was great.

What a great concept. 6 month old was mesmerised. So beautiful and great to be able to try it out afterwards.

The workshop was so inspiring for the children. Thank you to all the team.

Beautiful and interactive. My son really enjoyed the workshop as well. The two mediums really complement each other well.

Mesmerising, beautiful, engaging and even great science, all in one! Thank you so much.

Great show! We were fascinated!! Thank you for the workshop afterwards! The children are happy! Greetings from Germany!
Fam Sautter with Dorin, 6 + Solveigh, 10

Manchester Science Festival @ MOSI on 23rd & 24th October 2015
Co-presented by Dance Manchester and Manchester Science Festival.  Four performances/stay & play workshops took place at Museum of Science and Industry over the 2 days

Very interesting project from home technology.  Loved the opportunity of the audience participation.
Eva age 5 & Dad

Wow!   It was brilliant!  Loved making patterns and seeing my past image!  X (heart)
(child’s handwriting, no age given)

Very imaginative use of the technology.  Good to see what you can do with little equipment.  Really enjoyable birthday treat! 

Darren was really good with the children.  Really enjoyed it, it was different & interesting.  Marcel was very friendly about showing the technical side, inspired me to get involved with coding projects #WomenCanCode!

I liked it when Adam did a cartwheel and the star light and all the dance.
(child’s handwriting, no age given)

Fab.  Never seen this before.  Magic for kids today.

Great dance piece!  Would love to see more similar initiative.  The choreography was lovely!  I’m doing contemporary dance myself @Manchester.  Keep up the good work.

Absolutely super!  Loved the fact children could try it out!  Thank you.

Fantastic show, so creative!  An impressive technology for only £30!

Fantastic show!  Absolutely brilliant.  Hope to see your show again soon.  Thank you so much.

Interesting use of the technology.  Would be very cool to see that performed on stage.

Fascinating, beautiful, evocative & stimulating. Thank you.

Thank you for the show.  Actually, I expect more explanation about light, such as how it works.

Very interesting!  Very educational!  Great fun for kids!

Loved it, beautiful as well as mesmerising.  Great combo of light, dance, movement and music.

I liked the effect on the dancing and the choreograph.
(child’s handwriting, no age given)

Was great.  Lovely atmosphere in the room.  Great concise workshop after.  Great dancer.  Loved it!
Lovely to come in on a Friday afternoon and see a great dance piece with my boys.  Fun presentation afterwards & the children loved interacting with the technology.
The choreography made the most of the technology creative beautiful vibe.  Impact was great.

I thought this performance was very creative.  I enjoyed the technology that interacts with your body you can see your movement not just in a shadow.
(child’s handwriting, no age given)

Very entertaining.  Good use of different visuals.  Very expressive dance.  Right amount of time (an hour might have been too long) Thank you!

Very clever & fascinating use of dance, light & technology.  We loved the multiple dancers!  My little girl aged 2 loved it.  Thank you.

Amazing. Thank you!  A unique experience to be enjoyed by an anyone.  Very talented and incredible technology.  After the talk/demonstration we’d have loved to have seen a little ‘replay’ of the dance again!

Fantastic, innovative show – even better that it is done on a shoestring – so much potential for schools, groups, general entertainment.

It was amazing to use technology to combine with the dance. Its create the new form of arts.  The show was amazing and mind blowing.  It was beautiful.

Very good and unconventional idea.  We enjoyed the show, especially the part with the lights that look like fairy dust.  Great work to the team!

Great Innovative show and such inspiring images.  I could have stayed and played all day.  Thank you.
Christine Meadows

Fantastic.  Performance was incredible using it is really fun as well.

Really beautiful and mesmerising. Could have watched for hours. Interactive. Come to Sheffield!

I do like the performance.  I think the room has been very dark if you can make it is gonna be better.  VERY COOL.
(child’s handwriting, no age given)

Amazing performance.  Favourite one was the one with the stars.

I think Body of Light is a brilliant idea.  It can both create visually satisfactory shows and make people dance even if they don’t like it.  I really enjoyed the show.  Thank you.

It was incredible.  Moonlight Sonata was a great choice.  The contrast in the colours and the way they synced with the movement was brill.

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