Monday, 7 July 2014

Tech Demo Compilation 01

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of all our technology demonstrations so far.

Tech Demo 13: Interacting with iniTree

Linking Kinect skeletal tracking to controls on iniTree plugin.

Tech Demo 12: Video Layer Positional Control

Tracking the core position of the body we can link layers — in this case a video layer — to follow the performer.

Tech Demo 11: Ribbons

Using Kinect's skeleton tracking to attach ribbon controllers to the hand.

Tech Demo 10: Fluidics

Experimenting with fluid simulation systems to create lush flowing imagery.

Tech Demo 09: Particle System with Noise

In this demo we looked at new ways of controlling particles without having to do a 'pick-up' where the Kinect starts tracking your skeleton.  We also played with the tracking smoothness and texture of the particles.