Wednesday, 10 December 2014

So here is the end of Phase 2.  This was a test performance in Liverpool as part of Homotopia


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Phase 1 Roundup

This is where Phase 1 has taken us.  It was an exciting time of exploration, trial and testing.  Now we are armed with a pot of ingredients that could be used in the final show.
Onwards now into Phase 2 …based at Z-arts in Manchester.  Watch this space…

Monday, 7 July 2014

Tech Demo Compilation 01

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of all our technology demonstrations so far.

Tech Demo 13: Interacting with iniTree

Linking Kinect skeletal tracking to controls on iniTree plugin.

Tech Demo 12: Video Layer Positional Control

Tracking the core position of the body we can link layers — in this case a video layer — to follow the performer.

Tech Demo 11: Ribbons

Using Kinect's skeleton tracking to attach ribbon controllers to the hand.

Tech Demo 10: Fluidics

Experimenting with fluid simulation systems to create lush flowing imagery.

Tech Demo 09: Particle System with Noise

In this demo we looked at new ways of controlling particles without having to do a 'pick-up' where the Kinect starts tracking your skeleton.  We also played with the tracking smoothness and texture of the particles.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tech Demo 08: Depth Defined Avatars

Using the Kinect sensor's real time depth camera we can isolate users on the screen.

Here, two guests are seeing this experiment for first time.  They enjoy feely interacting without any instruction.

There are many possibilities for this in the arts, healthcare, education and sport.

Tech Demo 07: XY Tracking to 3D Objects

For this demo we tracked 3D shapes focusing on specifically on the left and right motion of the objects.

We tracked the shape to performer and also away from them.

Tech Demo 06: Tracked Particle Effects

Exploring the effect of a particle generator controlled by the position of the torso.

We're looking forward to link sound effects to this too!

Tech Demo 05: 3D Tracking and Environment Control

This demo tracks not only the left ,right up, down movement but plays with the depth and perspective. When the performer moves up and down the image reacts to reflect this. A 3D world was created to explore 3D visuals as a possibility 

Tech Demo 04: Live Recording and Playback

Using the 'tracked user' depth maps generated by the Kinect sensor we have developed a method to record a live performance then play that video back into the scene to interact with the live performer.

We've seen this being done with pre-recorded projection material but not capturing the live performance.  We're very excited about this.

Tech Demo 03: Limb Tracking and Particle Generators 2

Much the same process as Tech Demo 02 but exploring a different particle effect.  

Tech Demo 02: Limb Tracking and Particle Generators

Having seen many examples where particle generators are 'attached' to the hands, we set about recreating this as a springboard into exploring new ideas.

Tech Demo 01: Music Mixing and Spotlight

We have explored the possibilities of controlling music through the Kinect.  There are many similar examples where something like a Cutoff Filter is controlled by the vertical position of a hand.  For a dancer this is big limitation to their freedom of movement.

Here, the volume of three different audio tracks is controlled by his position in the space.  The spotlight is also controlled by reading the dancer's location.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Who's Who at The Body of Light

Darren Pritchard (baldy)
Choreographer.  When the music plays, Marcel dances a merry digital dance.
Darren has a background in dance, theater and lots of things arty.  He lives in Manchester with his Mum.

Marcel Lenormand (beardy)
He's Darren's Digital Monkey.  When the boss says "JUMP!"… Marcel is the one who sticks his face into a computer screen and makes it happen.
Marcel has a background in video, audio and multimedia production and freelances for the Guernsey Arts Commission.  He lives in Guernsey with his wife and son.

Adam Russell trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He is a freelance dance artist based in the North of England and dances for Ballet LORENT based in Newcastle.